Session Structure

1. Open with Prayer

Children will be given the opportunity to make prayer requests.
Children will be given opportunity to pray for each other.


One catechism will be memorised each week.
e.g. Question: Who made you? Answer: God made me.

3. The Word

Memory verse activity linked with the Catechism.
The children will be encouraged to find the scripture in their bibles.
The children will be challenged to remember the catechism for the following week.
The children will also write down / or be given a copy of the supporting scripture to practice with you as a parent during the week.
During the session they will play a memory scripture game to try and memorise the verse.

4. Worship

Sing a worship.
The children may eventually lead this session.
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
Instruments welcomed!

5. Testimony Time

Close with testimony’s of what the Lord has been doing in the children’s lives. Praise the Lord!

6. Close in Prayer

Led by a child each week.
If they need help they can choose a prayer from the prayer book.