Cybernetics of Faith

The Supernatural Laws of Receiving

Steven Lyn Evans
Publised: 2023


Within this book, Psycho Cybernetics is connected to the subject of Faith in God in this new realm of Finetics. The supernatural laws of receiving are there to be used. If you can embrace the powerful insights within this book, you will set the course for tremendous adventures in your future.

The human mind is able to do remarkable things and achieve tremendous results when we direct it. God has given us these abilities but so many people struggle, not achieving their true potential, because of a poor self-image. However, that self-image can be changed powerfully and strategically.

So make a clear decision now, what do you want to achieve? Place your goal into your mind and your success mechanism, your personal inner Sat Nav, will begin directing your conscious and subconscious mind towards that destination. You set the course of your destiny in life, if you can believe you certainly will receive. The supernatural laws of receiving are there to be discovered and this book will show you the way!

"This book masterfully holds the ground between the psychological and the supernatural elements of human thought processes."
Bishop Mick Fleming (AKA Pastor Mick, Church on The Street, Burnley)