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Join a team at Living Faith Church.

There are plenty of opportunities to serve at our church, our teams help make the church run on a sunday and throughout the week.

Maybe you are new to the church, or you've been part of us for a while and are ready to serve, but not sure what roles exist. Below is a list of teams we have operating in the church, if you are interested in joining one of our teams, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and one of our leaders will be in touch.

Welcome Team

This team is here to welcome everyone that comes through the doors with a friendly face, we want to give a warm welcome and make our church a friendly and inviting place.


We need volunteers to help clean the church both on a Sunday after the services and also during the week. Cleaning on a Sunday invloves helping to tidy up the kitchen and cafe area, emptying the bins, and making sure the toilets are tidy. During the week the church needs the floors and toilets cleaning.


Part of being a welcoming church is creating a welcoming environment. One way we do that is through snacks and refreshments for all of our guests. We also have buffets on special occassions and the hospitality team help prepare and set up.


Help teach our children to know and love Jesus by serving in childrens ministry. This team includes teachers and helpers; teachers prepare and give the lessons, with helpers there to support and assist the teacher.


Equip is a youth group for 11-17 year old, volunteers help teach, encourage and facilitate activities. For more details about Equip click here.

Living Youth

The Living Youth Team includes teachers and helpers, Living Youth is an after school club for 4-11 year olds. Click here for more information about Living Youth.

Financial Steward Team

Roles in this team include offering stewards to receive the collection during the service.


The worship team is made up of singers, musicians, sound technicians and projectionists.

Sound technicians need to mix the instruments, microphones, and set sound levels before the service. Training can be given.

Projectionists operate the computer to display the song words during worship and to record the sermon. Operation of the programs is easy and training can be given.

Creative and Media Team

This team assists with video and design projects, sermon branding, social media and marketing.

Faithful Friends

This team visits the elderly in the community and local nursing homes, providing encouragement, support, and friendship. Click here for more information on Faithful Friends.

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