Special Events

Melvin Banks

Healings, salvations and tremendous joy take place during Melvin's visit to Wigan and after the success of his last visit in April, he will return in June for more. Don't miss out, bring your family, your friends, and the sick.

A previous visit in 1970 by Melvin to the area brought healings to the people of the town and saw over 2000 make decisions to follow Jesus. One women, Mrs Horrocks, left paralysed after an accident on a bus, was totally healed and able to walk home pushing her wheel chair. She said 'I completely lost the use of my legs and one specialist told me I would never walk again.’ After the laying on of hands with prayer by Pastor Banks she walked a little with assitance and then on her own. She continued to say, ‘Everybody was standing there, stunned by it all, they brought my wheelchair to me and I wheeled it home.''

"When Melvin came to Wigan over 3,000 unsaved, local non-churchgoers flocked in ... 2,200 came to Christ, our church exploded and has never looked back ... he is the UK's most effective evangelist."
Rev Ray Belfield Assembly of God, Wigan.

Date & Times

Sat 1st June 2019
Sun 2nd June 2019


Church Building

Everyone is welcome and entry is free, please register your interest to help us prepare for the days.