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Bishop Steve left a pop career behind for a higher calling.

Steve credits his religious calling to a chance encounter with Sir Tom Jones


At 20 years old Bishop Steve left his family home in South Wales and made his way to the capital with a prayer and a dream to become a singer. Within a few days he found himself performing at the London Palladium and within weeks Larry Page, who had managed The Kinks, started managing him. Not long after Steve also started working with a band called Heatwave.

By 1996, Steven was performing at the Royal Variety Show and was being managed by Tony Calder, who had been The Beatles first publicist.

It was while talking to a Welsh music legend, he decided where his future lay.

“I was in the sound check with Tom Jones, and we went back to the dressing room for a chat and he said singing was his ‘calling,’ but I knew mine was really into the ministry."

“I had this sense of God, I’d become a Christian when I was 15. I knew it was the right decision, so even though I had gone from being with the rich and famous at VIP events I knew deep down inside I had to do it, which gave me momentum.

Bishop Steve is fully committed to his work at Living Faith Church, but still gets involved with some showbiz and recently hosted a film premiere in Leeds. He is also currently in the early stages of working on a new song alonside '80s singer John Parr.

“I don’t chase those things, but sometimes I will do things with people in the industry."

A local newspaper has recently published an article with the headline: Wigan bishop who gave up pop career credits his religious calling to a chance encounter with Sir Tom Jones.

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