David Brewer

David Brewer

I was born into a farming home of devoted evangelical Methodists in November 1944.

I first experienced a powerful intervention in my life when at only two and a half years old I contracted Meningitis. The local hospital in Preston said that there was nothing that they could do for me and suggested that my parents took me home to die peacefully. That was not God’s plan; therefore, our local Methodist Church commenced to hold a special weekly prayer meeting on my behalf, while my parents entered me into another hospital in Liverpool as an experimental case.

After only a few weeks God answered the fervent prayers of the righteous, and I was allowed home with the commendation of “The first ever complete cure from Meningitis”. That was 1947, and here I am today, over sixty years later, as a fine example that God heals today and that perfectly!

During 1980 I started to experience severe Rheumatic pains in both knees. This soon became so painful that I was unable to sit for thirty minutes at once. At this point I called the Elders of the church to anoint me with oil and I received total deliverance. Here I am over 30 years later without a trace of pain in my knee.

One day in 2003 while at work I had a severe pain in the centre of my chest. After the weekend I visited my doctor who thought that I should be checked over at the hospital. Two days later I was at an appointment at Royal Preston Hospital for an exercise ECG. The diagnosis was that I had Angina.

At that time I was a HGV driver, and the implications of this result were not very good so I booked a private appointment with a cardiac consultant for his advice; which was that the ECG result was probably a fluke and he would arrange me another exercise ECG at a different hospital that specializes in cardiac care. Four weeks later I was at Blackpool Victoria Hospital for my second exercise ECG. The results confirmed the previous diagnosis and I was immediately booked to have an angiogram, I asked “is an angiogram reliable” to which I got the reply “unquestionably reliable.”

By this time the DVLA driving License authority had revoked my HGV License, therefore my employer said that I no longer had a job.

There needed to be a touch from God!

During the waiting time for my angiogram I again requested to be anointed with oil to receive my healing. A few weeks later I returned to Blackpool Victoria Hospital and had an angiogram. Five minutes later the same cardiac consultant that I had seen privately, had performed my second ECG, and now had performed my angiogram, came to my bed side and declared “David, I don’t understand this, but there is nothing wrong with your heart, there is nothing wrong with your arteries, and you do NOT have angina. You should have your driving license back next Monday morning”.

That is over ten years ago, and I have never had another chest pain, and I feel fitter than I did at twenty one.

I left secondary school at 15 without any recognized qualifications, to work on my parent’s farm. Much of the past 50 years have been self-employed, thus enabling me to prioritize my preaching, Bible study, and church attendance over my career.

My mother was an active Fully-Accredited Local Preacher in the Methodist church for over 40 years, which meant that I had a good atmosphere and influence in which to grow up. After studies under the supervision of my local Methodist Minister for two years, I received a certificate as a qualified ‘Fully-Accredited Local Preacher’ in the Methodist Church in 1966.

Since that time I have consistently studied the Bible on a weekly basis at a personal level, for presenting Sunday sermons on a frequent basis, and also during most of these past 50 years I have attended weekly bible studies at church. Although these studies are not linked to any qualifications, they have given me a great understanding of the Bible and much pleasure in the process.

I was much blessed by the Holy Spirit when I visited Toronto Christian Fellowship in 1997 and again in 1999; that blessing is still as real today as it was that day.
During the last decade I have been greatly impacted by the teachings of Kenneth E Hagin, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland and many others who teach by Christian television and books the ‘just shall live by Faith’. I now believe that the Bible says what it means and means what it says. This has caused me to experience many signs and wonders following my believing.

Since September 2009 I have been serving as a voluntary assistant to the Pastor of Living Faith Church, Wigan, UK www.livingfaithchurch.co.uk