If you would like to support the church and ministry at Living Faith/Steven Lyn Evans Ministries, become one of our Ministry Partners. This is a spiritual partnership opportunity, simply supply us with your e-mail contact details and you’ll initiate your Partnership. As a Ministry Partner you commit to supporting us in prayer and prayerfully being open to giving financially. The benefits of becoming a Ministry Partner include:

  • Being part of a life-changing ministry
  • Receiving life-changing monthly teachings
  • Receiving special partner downloads and offers

We reach out to people with the Gospel and offer important Biblical teaching for Christians. Your prayers and giving help facilitate us to do this important work, to minister the good news of the Gospel to the world through many available routes: From broadcasting, books, conventions, and the web, we preach, teach, and heal, through the message of salvation, faith, healing and Godly prosperity worldwide. Your prayers and gifts are an important contribution to the preaching of the Gospel! As you commit to this you commit to an important ministry, we are now involved together in this vital work.

We are thankful that together we can proclaim: Jesus is love, Jesus is hope and Jesus is Lord!

For more information regarding Partnership, please contact: office@livingfaithchurch.co.uk

Or you can go-ahead and follow this link below.

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