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God Waiting

During the Christmas season we wait. We wait in traffic. We wait in checkout lines to purchase gifts. We wait for family to arrive. We wait to gather around a table filled with our favorite foods. We wait to open presents lovingly chosen. All of this waiting can be a reminder to Christians that Christmas […]

First Impressions

As I shopped for groceries one day, I was perceived as a thief by one person and a hero by another. As I exited the supermarket, an employee said, “Excuse me, Sir. There are too many unbagged items in your cart.” This is evidently a strategy used by shoplifters. When he saw that they were […]

Hearing From God

Listening to the Lord does not mean merely reading the Bible. There are many who read their Bibles purely as a matter of routine. Listening to the Lord means more than that. It means meditating on His Word until we receive, through it, His message for us. Thus our minds are be renewed and conformed […]

How to Enjoy Things

In his book Daring To Draw Near, Dr. John White writes that several years earlier God had made it possible for him to acquire a lovely home with many luxuries. His feelings about the house fluctuated dramatically. When he reminded himself that it was a gracious gift from God, he felt joy and thanksgiving. But when […]

Place of Water

East Africa is one of the driest places on earth, which is what makes “Nairobi” such a significant name for a city in that region. The name comes from a Masai phrase meaning “cold water,” and it literally means “the place of water.” Throughout history, the presence of water has been both life-giving and strategic. […]

No Excuse

No Excuse

This is a picture of believers in the Philippines gathered for worship in a flooded church after the terrible storms. Do we really have any excuses? Don’t miss your Sunday Church Service!